106 things that make me happy

From November 29, 2016

Yesterday I was eating lunch with my best friend. We’ve both been a little down and out lately, so our weekly lunch was focused on finding joy and peace through what we’re dealing with. She asked me, “Sarah what makes you happy?” and I literally could not even answer. What’s up with that??? I was so caught up in my less-than-desirable circumstances that any positive thought was barred upon entry. I don’t want to live a life of negativity. I don’t want small bumps in the road to keep me from being a light to those around me. So, to make up for yesterday, here’s a list of 106 things that bring me happiness (in no particular order). Enjoy.

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1. Mastering new recipes
2. Perfectly polished nails
3. The way the trees look in the fall…and all the time.
4. The book of Romans
5. Finally grasping a difficult academic concept
6. Worship music
7. Watching people write in script
8. Temple University
​9. Using new makeup for the first time
10. Chai tea with a splash of cream
11. Rainy days when I have nowhere to be but my room
12. Giving gifts
13. Writing, writing, writing
14. Seeing hard work pay off
15. Snuggling up in a thick, cozy blanket
​16. Planning
17. Lawn seats at outdoor summer concerts
18. God’s faithfulness
19. The month of December
20. When boys wear grey sweatpants
21. Blanket scarves (or blarfs, as I have recently started calling them)
22. Movies…all of them.
23. Temple basketball
24. The unconditional love I receive from my parents
25. Feeling supported and encouraged
​26. Wine
27. Taking photos
28. Eating at restaurants by myself
29. Her Campus Temple
30. Pens that write beautifully
31. Harleysville, Pennsylvania
32. Letters of acceptance
33. My incredible friends
34. Being a journalist (most of the time)
35. Learning about history
36. Making new friends and connections
37. My Lilly Pulitzer planner
38. Really really great workouts
39. Temple football
40. Witnessing, giving, and receiving random acts of kindness
41. Christmas decorating
42. Green smoothies
43. A steaming mug of hot cocoa with piles of marshmallows
44. Receiving and writing handwritten letters
45. Kissing
46. The story of Ruth and Naomi
47. Forgiveness
48. Traveling to new places
49. Learning from past failures
50. Seeing God’s hand at work
51. Going out for breakfast/brunch
52. New school supplies
53. Getting a math problem correct
54. Professors that are passionate about what they teach
55. Sunflowers
56. Seeing the Temple ‘][‘ on Broad Street from miles away
58. Ice cream
59. The Office
60. Hood rap
61. Playing the piano and guitar when nobody’s around
62. Long, hot showers during the winter
63. Church
64. Feeling organized and on top of things
65. New York City
66. Playing games with my family
67. Cycling
68. Baking
69. The number 69
70. My handwriting
71. Animals…especially my own pupper and bunny
72. Occasionally receiving cheesy text messages
73. When it starts to get warm after a long winter
74. Laying on the beach listening to beachy music
75. Weddings
76. Memes
77. Making other people happy
78. Healthy food
79. Philadelphia
80. Grocery shopping
81. Meeting new families and observing their dynamic
82. Reading books for pleasure
83. Putting together a ~perfect~ outfit
84. Getting to know people on a deeper level
85. Laughing
86. Alternative, folky music
87. Talking to my roommate through the wall on a nightly basis
88. Accomplishing a goal
89. People that challenge me to be the best version of myself
90. Tasty videos
91. Late night talks
92. Dancing with my friends at parties
93. Learning about health and wellness
94. Encouraging others
95. Workout clothes
96. Freshly baked bread
97. Interior design
98. Making inappropriate jokes and comments at really terrible times
99. When a boy hugs me from behind
100. The knowledge that God has a plan for my life that’s greater than anything I can imagine
101. Being my own best friend
102. Solitude
103. Hiking through the woods, in the mountains, by the water…just hiking.
104. Being a camp counselor
105. Leading
106. Noticing that, despite my failures and shortcomings, I’m still making progress.

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