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ELLE Decor

This Botanic Designer Runs a Secret Plant Shop Out of Her Brooklyn Apartment

Town & Country

Helen Mirren’s Style Evolution Through the Years
The Best Gifts for All The Sisters in Your Life
See All the Best Photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Tour of Africa
Celine Dion’s Incredible Style Evolution

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Martha Stewart Weddings

These College Sweethearts Rented a Vintage Rolls-Royce for Their Washington Wedding
This Couple Released Colorful Butterflies When They Were Pronounced Husband and Wife on the Amalfi Coast
A Traditional Indian Wedding in Virginia’s Picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains
This Couple Threw a New Orleans-Inspired Garden Wedding in Florida—Second Line and All

Eat This, Not That

Here’s How Much Protein is in Every Type of Cheese
Your Plant-Based Fast-Food Restaurant Guide
16 Healthy Breakfast Sandwich Ideas
50 Foods You’ve Been Eating Wrong Your Whole Life

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How the sober curious lifestyle is key to mastering moderation and being a social queen
If every little thing annoys you, here’s how to be more patient
Real talk: Gluten just isn’t that bad for most of us
Hold the golden milk latte: Is turmeric actually worth the hype?
All the reasons this nutritionist calls eggs “nature’s multivitamin”

Reader’s Digest

8 Creepy Things Your Smartphone Knows About You
4 Secrets to Getting a Better Airline Meal
9 Secret Signs Your Bones Are in Trouble
This is What Dog and Cat Years Really Mean
10 Everyday Things No U.S. President Is Allowed to Do While in Office

Philadelphia magazine

8 Out-of-the-Box Philly Fitness Classes to Combat Workout Boredom
10 Ways to Eat More Greens (Without Eating More Salads)
The Healthy Eater’s Guide to Reading Terminal Market
The Ultimate Guide to Philly Fitness Studios with Student Discounts
Study: This is How Long You Should Be Moving If You Sit All Day

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These In-Flight Beauty Tips Will Save Your Skin on Your Spring Break Adventures
6 Ways to Feel Romantically Satisfied Without a SO
7 Ways to Show Intimacy Without Having Sex
6 Dating Tips for Shy Girls
​8 Struggles All Student Leaders Have (& How to Deal)

Sponsored Content Clips:
The 9 Pieces You Need to Seriously Elevate Your Spring Wardrobe (Steve Madden)
5 Gender-Neutral Skincare Products You Should Know About (ASARAI)
The Almay Beauty Class of 2018 is Giving Us Tons of Graduation Makeup Inspo (Almay)

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